Linkvana Discount

Linkvana is by far the easiest way to get permanent one way links to your site, unfortunately the cost can be prohibitive for some marketers, especially for those aren't making a few hundred a month yet. But don't despair, we are here to give you a Linkvana Discount of $30 a month in rebates when you purchase a Linkvana membership though our affiliate link. This rebate will be available for as long as you remain a paying customer of Linkvana. That being said, this is a great membership site because, you can discontinue your membership at any time and of course your links will remain in tact. You can resume membership again anytime you choose, so if the cost is a factor, even with our rebate to you, you could sign up for a couple of months, discontinue for a few months and then sign up again. Your account information is saved. **If you want to receive rebates again through us be sure to use the same Paypal email address or just bookmark this page and use the affiliate link to be 100% sure.


Linkvana Bonus


In addition to the Linkvana discount, you get a Linkvana Bonus  of 50 posting credits worth $25 when you purchase through this affiliate link. This is very helpful, so you can start getting one way back links right away to any site you choose. **This is provided through Linkvana and can be removed at any time.** You can purchase additional credits as well, easily and within minutes have even more credits to get one way links to your site. These credits allow you to have Linkvana write your posts for you, saving you time and frustration. These are 100% unique posts with whatever link text you choose to have inside them. The perfect way to buy one way back links if I do say so. Of course you can get all the free one way links you want if you write the original blog type post of 100-125 words yourself. 


Linkvana Coupon


One final thing you will receive is a Linkvana coupon for some information that could save you hundred of dollars or more, depending on how many links you want to your sites or the sites you manage for other people. This information has saved me a lot of money, not just with Linkvana, but with other companies as well, and has helped me to get permanent one way links to my sites faster. This will be given after 30 days of active service.

Buy Permanent One Way Links

The links you either purchase from Linkvana or write yourself are permanent one way links. Even if you decide to cancel your membership for any reason, all your links will remain intact permanently. This is different than most membership sites, where you must remain a member if you want to keep your one way linking intact or you must keep paying if using a service like Text Link Brokers.


Quality One Way Links

Of course when buying one way links, you want quality sites linking to you. That's what you get with Linkvana; quality sites raging from PR2-PR5 that all have 100% original content, which is very important nowadays. There are no junk sites and no duplicate content. You, of course must submit your own quality white hat site that you want to get links to. It doesn't need to be fancy or have any page rank itself for that matter, but it will be reviewed quickly to make sure.


Get 50 free credits for 25 free posts by clicking on the banner below.


For those aware of class C IP address, yes they are varied on many different servers all across the country. Also, the domains are aged, which is what you want, not new domains. When you buy one way links from Linkvana, you can request the time interval at which your links will be dispersed; for example one per day, several per day, one every other day, one every 3rd day, one per week or the humanized version, which will randomly display them at various intervals.


To get the easiest one way links with 100% original content, click on the following banner:



Click here for Linkvana



If you sign up for Linkvana's service using one of my links above, I will send you a $30 rebate every month, so long as you do not cancel and or ask for a refund. Plus you'll get a Linkvana Discount of $50 in free post credits, and I will give you information that will save you hundreds of dollars on article writing and get your sites ranked even higher.


After you have signed up for the service, simply send your receipt to with the Paypal email address you would like used for your rebates. After I receive my commission on the 15th of the month, past the 30 day subscription, you will get your rebate within a few days. This will happen automatically every month as long as you remain a subscriber. However you will receive your valuable information within 30 days of signing up to help you save hundreds of dollars, time and frustration.


Disclaimer: While we do our best to bring you the most accurate information available, each country and company has different rules and policies. You should always check the policies and procedures of the companies you do business with before making important decisions. We will not be held responsible for actions you take on your own. If you are not sure what to do to help yourself, please seek the advice of a licensed professional. Some links on this site are affiliate links where compensation is received when a sale is made. Some links on this site are affiliate links where compensation is received when a sale is made.

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