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Government Help for Credit Repairs and Loans

By Sandra Wellman


If you are building credit history, suffering bad credit or your credit is great, there are sources available that will help you maintain credit, repair credit, and build credit history.


If you have bad credit you must at least apply for two loans and be turned down before, the government will consider giving you a loan. Your credit report is not what is important, rather declines is the focus. There are government loans available that help people start a new business, loans for single parents, loans for education and so on. The government offers loans to help these individuals and often they have 0% interest or low interest against the loans.


The government also offers grants to assist people in getting back on their feet again and the grants are yours. You do not have to repay the government anything, but you must use the money for what it was applied for. You can get a personal government grant, grants for debt relief, a government small business grant or government college grants. 


The government recently reported that there are new sources available that make it easier for families and individuals to repair their credit and get back on their feet again. When our credit is bad, we have difficulty applying for a home or car loan and getting an apartment or credit card. We are virtually disregarded in most all cases. Today private lenders and the government are teaming up to make our economy more productive by helping those in need, including repairing credit.


If you need a home loan, want to consolidate debts, or start up your own business. The government and private agencies are waiting to help you along. Reduced loans and free programs are available that will benefit millions in the economy that suffer with bad credit histories. Resources are available helping those of us that are re-entering the employment market as well as helping those of us without jobs. There are funds available to those of us with low credit scores and high-risk credit.


Legal Aid is one source available that can help you repair your credit, as well as many other sources, and this source is free of charge in most all cases.


If you are paying high fees to rent an apartment you might want to fill out an application with HUD. HUD pays a certain amount toward your monthly rent each month and you are required to pay the remaining balance. Think of the money you will have left each month to apply toward building your credit history. HUD also has a solution for first time homebuyers with bad credit. The Homebuyers Bill of Rights allows us the right to purchase a home even if we have bad credit. Government resources and private institutions have lowered their Interest Rates to around 5% to homebuyers and extend up to $500,000 for first time buyers helping them buy a home. The government and private institutions are also offering debt consolidation loans, assistance with late payments, loans for starting a new business, and home improvement loans. Imagine the potential!


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) offers us protection on our credit report. Our privacy, fairness, accuracy and other laws say that we do have hope. If you are searching for a way to get out of debt you might want to start up your own business. The government has programs specifically for small business owners. The programs will help business owners to finance their business, and guarantees loans to those that are creating a plan to support themselves, as well as paying their taxes to the government. This is a wonderful solution for getting back on your feet again and getting those creditors off your back. To find out more about small business loans check with your local bank or the Small Business Administration in your area.


Bad credit can be very stressful, but it does not have to be a force that destroys your life forever. It is important to keep a good attitude, remain confident and research all your options, there are many.

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