Obama’s Debt Relief Program Awards Government Grants to Help You Pay off Annoying Personal Debt

If you are in serious debt and make less than 30k a year, one of Obama’s plans might be able to help you.Debt can come from many places. Whether it’s from credit cards, mortgages, education, business or tax debt, it all receives interest, and late fees or other penalties under certain circumstances. Many families are experiencing this sea of debt and find themselves lost with seemingly nowhere to go. Of course there is bankruptcy that too many people choose. This can take away all of the debt, but families are left with nothing in the end and they have to start over from the very beginning. That takes a lot of work and time. For at least seven years, these individuals will not be able to sign any financial papers, get any credit cards, or even rent homes in some instances. It’s not a great choice if there are other alternatives. They may think there are no other ways, but the Federal Government has changed all of that.

Obama has put into place several different grant programs to help various individuals and families to reduce their debt load. No matter where you debt comes from you may be able to find something to help you out. There are programs for mortgage payments, business debt, education scholarships, and loan consolidation just to mention a few. The basic requirements include your age which must be 18 or over; your nationality, being American; and your income level, needing to be less than $30,000. You will have to supply some personal information when applying, of course, such as social security number, debt information, and various other facts about yourself. The process itself is no worse than declaring bankruptcy and it benefits you a whole lot more, including a credit rating that remains the same if not better than what you had before.

Council for Debt Collectors

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